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What Is Death And Why Do We Live?
What is death?
• What is (the purpose of) Death (all about, exactly)?
Before we begin, our definition of death should match first? And the difference between what is death Scientifically and what is death philosophically
scientificality death is the permanent cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living, physical organism.
Now we also need to define life as death and life are interconnected, so
life is a characteristic that distinguishes physical entities that have biological processes (such as signalling and self-sustaining processes like reproduction), from those that do not (either because such functions have ceased, or because they never had such functions) and are classified as inanimate.
But these are the definitions on a broad or wide bases related to or indicating to your body but let me ask you this question
what are you, who are you and where are you in your (location) body and how you exist?
Are you your hand, your hand and so on… but the answer will come brain or mind, now before giving answer to these questions. You would already know but Let us point out that to understand or explain something, we correlate things as we are doing in this case with machines

Smartphone, pc and other devices
OS and applications
Organisms (such as human, animal etc.)
Note: brain and mind are different things.

Every things have two aspects – matter and energy such as in electronic devices hardware (specific arrangements of different of matters) and software (language) which are just specific signals of specific form of energy. Software can only be experienced through hardware.
Similar to this all living organism have two aspects their bodies (hardware) and their mind (software). We are not our body, body is just a medium that is needed to run our consciousness (define), so we can interact with the surrounding environment as mentioned and explained in this topic.
Several questions arrives from this statement like or thing to notice from this is:
as hardware effects capability of the software, the body effects the capability of the consciousness.
For explanation consider this hypothetically if your any organ (bodies or brains) gets damaged or removed then you would not be able to perform its actions. Or ask what is the difference between you and an animal. You both have consciousness and similar body parts like eyes, nose etc. The difference is the specific hardware structure. consider this other case if your consciousness is transferred to a different body say any animals then you would not be able to do human functions. Similar to as mobiles cannot run computer software or do a computer work. How body effects your capabilities you can get this answer here in this topic.
Now there are 3 states of consciousness
• waking – we are conscious and ready to take actions
• dreaming – our consciousness is suspended
• deep sleep (slumber or without dreams) – our consciousness is hibernated
you can understand by correlating with the computers for example:
similar to as there are 3 states of an operating system (consciousness):
• running (waking) – ready to perform actions
• sleeping (dreaming) – suspended (and having dreams because its on and have in the same state as leaved in) and can be awake d.
• Shutdown (deep sleep) – shutdown temporally or its off and can be awake d by turning on.
Now, Here you can see that shutdown (switched off) or deep sleep is kind of death but temporary death. Because the hardware or body is still is connected or plugged to the energy source (body is its self a self sustaining energy source so you can say the consciousness is connected to your body)
so when can you say you are dead and how you dies lets see
there are 5 types of death or manners of death:
• natural – the system got old i.e. the body got aged to the point that it can no longer function.
• Accident – accidentality one or more than one part got damaged enough so that it stopped functioning
• suicide – got a virus (negative thoughts, depression or etc.) which made him malfunctioning and eventually shut downed it self or not allowing to boot itself permanently.
• Homicide – got damaged on purpose, enough to make it stop functioning.
• Undetermined – or any other way whose cause of death not known.
These above are the ways that can your hardware or body can get damages so your OS or consciousness cant run on it. But are you dead at this stage?
Lets consider one more case:
Your memory or hard drive is wiped clean and there is no way to recover or regain those memories (experiences etc.) which made you the way that you were. So what you think now, do you died. No just your that self died and now you may or (will have different or time circumstances than before) will gain different experiences and develop a different personality. You just won’t remember who and how were you before.
Hypothetically: what if your body just get changed or transformed into new body (new face and body structure) every time when your memory get wiped clean. The same will happen.
So, this means your body (a specific form) is temporary and your consciousness which changes states. But that is not an exception, nothing can stay the same forever due to the fundamental properties of energy. And the word “forever” here means constantly at all times past, present and future.
Properties of energy which is the building block for everything
• It can neither be created and nor be destroyed.
Which means it was, it is and it will be constantly present at all times (permanent).
• Bring change is the fundamental property of energy.
Does not get consumed, only changes its form. For example money: does not get consumed just changes its ownership and brings interchanges.
Things to notice for these properties are
energy is constant and permanent but its forms are temporary (and they will be cause they are supposed to) i.e. everything is temporary except original energy.
Everything that is possible (that can be made from of energy or each form that energy can take) and can exist at any given point in time. Its existence is permanent but its appearance and disappearance is temporary.
Another thing to note is that time is just a unit to denote or measurer the change brought due to energy such as what changed, how much changed, how fast or slow it changed compared to the change in other thing.
One of the thing from these existence is of consciousness, energy is consciousness. So every thing must be conscious then? To get answer to this
consider these hypothetical cases: mind in space
case 1 no input senses
If we have no input senses, than no information is stored and thus no output or interaction with surroundings. What happens when we are sleeping.
case 2 no output senses
If we have no output sense than we will get input but wont be able to give output or interact with surroundings. Consider your self dreaming.
case 3 neither input senses nor output senses
If we don’t have any then same no interaction with surroundings
In all of the above three cases, not interacting or not being able to interact does not mean there is no consciousness. It simply means the consciousness is in a suspended state.
Another example can be this if any of our those body part been cut off without which we can keep living, than what happens to that body part. It was you part then but now it just another matter. A non living thing. And also can a non living matter create give rise to life or a living body, mind or consciousness? No, but that matter can create a hardware to express or run it self (the energy or consciousness) because
Energy or consciousness can only be experienced through a medium (hardware made from matter)
at what stage you gain consciousness or awareness of internal (mind) and external surroundings (world).
IMAGE: energy particles atom molecule sperm/ovule zygote fetus baby kid teen adult old dead molecule atom particles energy
So our consciousness and energy are same but how it works? It works like a language.
Think like this: how today’s technology is made possible, how these devices are working and they have input and output senses due to which they are create, manipulate, exchanging information, they are just metals and electricity. What we do with our consciousness at primary look or whole, we just exchange information
IMAGE: exchanging things with money
And information is made of data whose meaningful exchange is only possible with help of a system called language. and information can not only be exchanged with symbols like words, but also with actions (gestures) or anything or any medium with the help of the language.
As we know there are a lot of languages in this world and not just ours but of animals, machine, and of others too. Now:
What is Language?
Technically a word for the – method for imparting or exchanging the information (data) either written, spoken, gestured (non-vocal) or using any other medium such as energy signals.
How is Language?
Everything has its own language or a system of working or set of rules. Before going ahead let us ask how many languages are necessary or what is the minimum number of language do we need to create countless languages? The answer is just one. We only humans have 6,500 spoken languages (apart from gestures language), even when we are all same species humans. But there are so many other things in this world (animals, insects, plant, machines etc.)
only one language is needed and it gets coded or translated in different symbols, sounds, gestures to create different languages.
To make technology possible we found the set of rules of our language and coded, converted, translated, inserted to signals of energy which can be created, transferred and received through specific hardware (arrangement of matter).
What can be understand from this is even our thoughts and thinking is done in a language whether its of vocal, non-vocal, visual, which we learned and if we did not learned them then we would have created one as it is the case (that is how this many languages got created in different areas of the world) so everything has it own language or a set of rules for working.
Energy is what everything is made of (the whole variety of matter and existence is just combinations) and thus the language or energy got coded in different languages or forms.
WHY is life?
As mentioned earlier, about the energy and its properties and how these primary properties created the rest i.e. everything are just their all possible combinations and thus exists but not at all times i.e. or all at once, instead in a sequence of events.
And the word everything here includes every known and unknown (yet) things to us. And note energy has a set of properties or rules i.e. or its language
to understand it better consider this analogy everything at whole as a tree of story
and the word story here means sequences of events in the development of something.
The tree starts from one point and begins branching from there till all the possibilities are attained. These creates all the possible storylines (or you can say timelines).
We want to understand the meaning of life of ourself and also want the body to stay young and sustain forever. By looking just at a peace of puzzle you cannot get the full picture. As you go solve the puzzle you start seeing the full picture and see if with some peace is missing.
To understand the real meaning of life consider this hypothetical case: only your consciousness

Why is life? Erasing memory to enjoy the same thing again waala example. You know you wiped your memory but why?
What is god? Cosmic consciousness, how is god – hardware and software, why is god? Life example joy sorrow.
we are just a form or combination of energy
and life and death of these forms are just process to change its form
everything is temporary except energy and its existence only. i.e. existence is permanent but its appearance is temporary.
Change is the fundamental law of world or energy.
Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed in other words.
Ignorance is cause for everything i.e.
energy can only be expressed or experienced through a medium or matter. (energy and consciousness) individual consciousness or cosmic consciousness
Time is just a unit, what is energy? Rebirth, god and life’s meaning. soul

• Is death a dreamless sleep? Is sleeping a form of death? (death as a process) (sleeping and dying)
• Types of death? Manners of death?
• What happens after death?
• What is death scientificality?
• When we die is that the end?
• Why do people die? Why is death inevitable?
• Is death eternal nothingness?
• Where do you go when you die?

• Connection of life and death?
• Philosophy about of life and death?

• What is (the meaning of) Life?
• Meaning of life?
• Why do we live life?
• What is life (all about)?
• Best definition of life

• How long does the brain lives after death?
• What happens to your mind when you die?
• Is death peaceful or painful?

where are thoughts, does mind or thoughts are confined to your brain
When you were born, did you knew that you are alive? In dreams at night do you know who you are, do you realise that how pointless it is to feel anything (fear, joy) cause its not real, its not the truth, its fake. We get lost and trapped in it and forgets our truth for temporary joy from illusions. Its the body biological clock that makes you wake up what if it does not and you could go on dreaming like this forever. You will never know the truth.
When sleeping with no dreams! There is not a single thought about anything. What if you could go on forever like this. Does it mean you are dead?

What makes an application differ from others? How hardware effects capability of an application?

what is life

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