What is a Thought?

What Are Thoughts? How To Gain Control Of Your Thoughts?

What is a Thought?

A thought is a combination and recombination of the data collected from our senses through age (time). And this process of combining and recombining the data is called thinking.

Before we go on – One thing to notice here is, we only discover (things, thoughts, ideas, etc.), not create. In other words, no one can create anything, but can only discover things and their combinations.

For explanation consider this as an example:

First, we discovered these ten digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and now we only discover their combinations like – 12, 549, 5612, 16582, 7344230997 and so on… Technically, we never create a new number, just try and discover different combinations.

Data Combinations


Same as we cannot create energy neither we can destroy it. If you think a little you will realize that in other words, it means – Anything that exists (or can), its existence exists at all times (past, present, and future – no starting and no end). So, we are not creating anything new, just only discovering their existence at a time and that’s it.

There are few basic things like digits and the rest are just there different-different combinations. Like we have basic flavors from fruits and vegetables in this world and we combine them with each other to create different flavors. Also, there are only three primary colors and the rest are just… (yeah you got it right).

How We Generate Ideas?

The same goes for the thoughts, we just discover different combinations of the primary data (images, sound, smell, taste, and touch) that we have collected from our senses. We may or may not have all the primary data (like three colors and ten digits) yet. To get a (what normally called new or out of the box ideas) different thought, we should try expanding our data (or say experiences, knowledge, etc. – in whatever field you like and need) and then try finding a great combination with it.

Where Do Our Thoughts Come From? How Is Thought Created? What Is A Thought Made Of?

A human body has five organs of sense from which we get input (data). What the brain does is, it just collects and connects these different data with each other and stores it. And when triggered it recalls and recombines this data.




















For explanation – Suppose you are a child who has not seen an apple yet, not even heard the word “apple” itself. In other words, you are completely unaware of its existence. Will you be able to think of an apple? You know the answer, but why? Cause you have no data to recall and recombine. So, when someone tells you about it:

“An apple is a fruit, its shape is similar to tomato and is also red in color.”

Now, what your brain does is that it takes these words “an apple, fruit, tomato, red” and searches for all the data (also similar and related) and combines it. Now your brain has an idea and it just imagined how an apple looks with the given description.

A Thought

This is an example of a thought. You discovered its existence. Now you can use it to create different combinations. The output senses help you to discover new things (existence). You get better and precise over time by getting input from your own output and then adjusting the output again (such as in singing, drawing, etc.). It is kind of recycling your own output.

How much Freedom do we have?

First ask yourself the same questions, what is the answer you got?

Now, also try to answer these few simple questions to yourself. How much you think you own a thought, choices, feelings and anything else? Are you really free as much as you think you are? How many times were there when you did not wanted to do a thing but lost the war with yourself and did it? The word “yourself” represents here not you but your bounds, ties with your body and surroundings.

To explain it, consider this as an example: You see someone performing magic, you get amazed you can see it many times and still enjoy it but after knowing the trick? Not so much huh! (at least not in the way it was before – new perspective) Similar to an extent, when you see what is happening behind your thoughts and decisions, by knowing the psychology and biology of yourself (meaning how your body and your surroundings affect you, also at which extent). You will see it is a kind of amazing machinery (you are not a machine but some aspect of your life works just like it) and machines are not that free they don’t have freedom, they do things as programmed, step by step like an algorithm. Now you will want to ask, How? This is answered below.

Are Your Thoughts and Actions your own?

For this, again consider a hypothetical case (or recall that moment) – you would have got wounded, got unwell (any disease) at some point in your life. At that time, pain and other emotions interfere (not control fully but dominates) with your choices and decisions. If any dis-balance happens in your body whether its of hormones, nutrition or your surroundings. You would not be able to think and act the way you want. Also In some cases, you will think that your actions and choices are your own but in reality, you didn’t have the options and the freedom to choose from them.

Mental Disorders

So, keep an eye on your body & surroundings and observe how they influence (notice here the word influence is used, not control) your thoughts, feelings, the way you think and hence your actions to which extent?

If you are not aware of those kinds of things, then they will control you. When you will be aware of those things then they won’t be able to control you but will still try to influence you. The difference is that now you have the choices and freedom to choose yourself.

Who We Really Are? Are we our Thoughts?

To answer this let’s bring your focus to this first – there are thousands, millions and more of similar and different applications (software) and there are also with the same numbers, similar and different devices on which you can run them. Hypothetically – One of these applications is a cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI). We relate our self with other things (in this case hardware and software) to understand our-self better. This brings several other questions and factors like – What makes an application differ from others? How hardware affects the capability of an application? Which are considered and answered in detail in this topic “What is Life?” but briefly, for now, suppose you are that AI. So, which one are you from below:

  • The Hardware that runs it? (Medium)
  • The Software which runs? (Signals)
  • The Energy by which it runs? (Source)

We are not the body, the senses (The Medium), we are not our thoughts, emotions, etc. (The Signals), we are also not just the energy (The Source) itself that brings change. But we are the combination of all these, the same as if someone asks which is more important for life – brain or heart? The body needs both. The thing to notice here is, at the core, we all are one and the same (cause primarily, everything is made-up of one same thing “energy”).

How Does Our Brain Think And How We Act?

We act by choosing a thought while thinking (considering all the options or possibilities or say combinations). But we don’t have our choices, we have preferences, priorities. Our brain searches similarities, differences, find patterns (what is repeated and how many times) and does a comparison and tries combination and creates predictions & percentage. And at the time when you have options available, your choice happens based on your preferences (of body senses, at most times). After these decisions (sometimes very quick and sometimes not so quick), your body (output senses) acts in order to achieve desired results from those decisions that you did.

Input Senses

Their Preferences





Ugly, Gross








Good Taste

Bad Taste




The table above shows a simplified representation of the preferences of the human body’s senses. They differ from individuals and different organisms.

Everyone had and haves those times where one doesn’t want to do a specific thing but loses to himself and does that (body’s emotions, etc… become dominative). We make a strict plan and tries our best to follow it, but fails. To make sure that these things do not happen again and the actions you take will be your own, there should always be your preferences prioritized over your bodies and your surroundings.

How Can Self Knowledge Help You In Life? Why Understanding The Self Is Important?

In today’s time, we involve our-self with matters we don’t fully understand. We act on half-knowledge, gets manipulated by our body and surroundings, without even knowing it. And yet we think, the choice was ours, the thoughts are our own. Just like in a dream at night.

Self Awareness

Few simple practices can save you from your day to day slavery. Self-awareness, observe yourself silently, Redirect your focus from the outside world and bring it to the inside, where you really are. Find the threads that manipulate your actions, break them and claim the freedom that is really yours. When you know it’s a dream you stop getting manipulated and starts gaining control.

You can win a fight but winning the war is not easy. Get yourself a weapon and here the weapon is your self-knowledge. It is so important to know the rules of the game before involving yourself in it. Learn things that helps you gain control and become better than before. Find tricks to trick your self in doing what you want.

Facts And FAQs

How many thoughts do we have a day?

Experts have estimated that the mind thinks around 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day which makes an average of 2,500 – 3,300 thoughts per hour. From those, 80% are negative and 95% repetitive thoughts on an average. You can change this data for you and become positive & productive instead of being ignorant and negative.

How Mind is different from Brain?

The brain is the physical substance and mind is the conscious product of its activity (firing neurons – electrical signals). In other words, we can say, the brain is the hardware and the mind is the software. Although the brain is most associated with the mind (consciousness) but the mind is not confined to the brain. This is explained in detail with this topic “What is God?”.

What is Subconscious and Conscious Mind?

We have two minds in a brain, the subconscious mind operates without our awareness over which we do not have active control. Whereas the conscious mind involves all of those things, which we are aware of. Studies have suggested that 95% of brain activity is beyond our conscious awareness, only 5% of our cognitive activities (decisions, emotions, behavior, and actions) are conscious whereas the remaining 95% is generated in a subconscious manner. Also, the processing power of the subconscious mind (20,000,000 bits/sec) is far greater than the conscious mind (40 bits/sec).

The subconscious part of our mind is the one who creates (scripts for our) dreams at night. That’s why even after knowing that you are dreaming, you don’t get to control your dream that much. Another example – It controls involuntary actions such as breathing and heartbeat etc.

Can the Mind change the Brain?

Yes! You can rewire and reprogram your brain. Neuroplasticity is a word for the mind’s ability to alter the physical structure of the brain throughout an individual’s life. It means brain activity associated with a given function can be transferred to a different location. The proportion of grey matter can change and synapses may get strengthen or weaken over time. For example, if one part of the brain ever gets damaged – let us say the left hemisphere that controls speech, then the right hemisphere of the brain may “pick up” some of the language abilities that were lost.

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