Kill Or Save Yourself

Title =Kill Or Save Yourself

Hey, today I am gonna give a very short suspense story in english by which you can easily enhance imagination as well reading skills. This is a short suspense story with a twist only for you. Hope you will like this story it.

Eight People are kidnaped from eight different countries. When they open own eyes they found they are locked in a room. There was no light in a room and room was indestructible.

People were in so tense how they came here and who did all this. Two of them try to escape from that place but they failed.

After sometime later light comes and now everyone able to see one and another.

When the light comes a stranger person came and said: “Are you happy”.

Now everyone watching him on the glass screen and asked “why you want from us” then another person said, “laisse nous” (means leave us) he was from France.

The stranger replied: Don’t worry I will leave You.

Stranger: If you want to go to this place then you have to do my work and once you complete my work then you will capable to go from this place and you have no other choice to go from this place.

One of them replied “ok” we are ready to accept your work but one person refuses to accept his proposal. Seven people accept his challenge.

Stranger: Ok, You have only ten minutes to complete the work. And the work is so simple.

Now you are in rooms that have limited oxygen and this oxygen is enough for eight-person for just 10 minutes.

So if you want to live then you have to kill one and another. Only one person will be survived.

You have only 10 minutes to live after 10 minutes; Total oxygen will be consumed and no one will survive. So if you to survive then you have to fight for survival and second, only one person should survive.

 The stranger said: “Time starts now”

Now everyone watching one and another but no one wants to kill another person, unfortunately, one person started to beat that person who had refuse to join the work.

Now everyone starts to beating one another. Because if they don’t kill one another then no one will safe, everyone will die due to lack of oxygen.

One of the eight-person who were in fear and don’t want to beat anyone. He was shivering. His name was Jon

Stranger said: I think I should help them then he throws a gun in that room but no one sees that gun except Jon.

He sees that gun and he was going to pick up it but another person (the name is dean) pick up it. He stops everyone.

Dean said: Stop fighting neither I will kill you all. He shoots toward the stranger’s face but that was just screen. Unfortunately bulletproof and that bullet reflect from the glass and kill another person.

3.30 minutes left

Stranger said: kill them and save yourself. You have a great opportunity to go to your home back.

Jon Said: don’t kill us, I beg you

Everyone was in fear.

2.00 minutes left to consume total oxygen.

Now Dean Kill tries to yourself via that gun, before shooting himself he sees stranger is laughing on him, then he move out a gun from own head and said

Dean said: We have another option to live; if we want live then we have to work together as strangers said we will have to one.

1 minute left

Dean said from the Jon can you tell me this which of room this gun had come from.

Jon replies this comes from the roof of the room. Now he throws that gun toward the roof where the gun had come then he found nothing on that place but dean notice the broken gun have something when he picks up he found the keys of the room.

Now dean found a key, after that he starting to find a lock of the room where the gate will open.

Stranger still smiling

30 second left

Here again, everyone starts to beating one another. But dean finds a lock. Where he can open the door?

He moves toward in the direction of a stranger smiling’s face which is a glass screen and now he takes key toward his face and the gate opens.

  • Second

Everyone comes out of the room. They were all safe

A Sound comes from in which again stranger said, finally you find a lock and you can go own home.

I always want to kill everyone because they love only own life, they don’t to another like animals, plant, they play with them but they didn’t want to save them but you save them and now you can go home safely.

Final verdict

This was the first part of the very short suspense story and the second part will become as soon as possible.

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