10 Best Short Love Poetry In Hindi

Today’s generation has just lost the meaning of this word “LOVE”. They use the name of love to fulfill their body’s need, but love is an emotional need. They get confused between love and lust and think they are one and the same but love never starts with the body and neither ends with it. These 10 short love poetry in Hindi will help you express this difference better.

You don’t love the beautiful, whoever you love becomes beautiful. Love gives beauty to everything.

Love starts when you are attracted to someone’s personality not body or face, and it ends NEVER! Whether they have the same feelings for you or not, you always admire and cherish them.

When you like a flower you just pluck it, but when you love a flower you water it daily.

Similarly, when you are attracted to someone’s body or face you just want to use them for your temporary bodily pleasures. You will never going to have a single thought of yourself sitting together when you are old. Even if you do think about it, you will have hesitation.

And when you are really attracted to someone’s personality, the looks and everything else becomes secondary. You will feel the harmony between your mind and your heart. Everyone fears aging, that they will grow old, their skin will become wrinkled and dull. But with that person, these kinds of things do not bother you anymore. You have no hesitation in thinking of yourself with them when you are both old and together.

You just don’t love them, you love yourself too, you love what you are when you are with that person.

All these words are hollow for those who have not felt this yet, it is similar to describing the taste of fruit to someone who have not tasted it yet. You have no way to get the real meaning of these words until you feel it someday yourself. With these short love poetry in Hindi, you can have a guess of what is it like to be in real love.

Don’t be desperate for love or anything ever, because you will regret it. Love yourself enough to not come off desperate. If you are desperate you will be given anything because they know you will accept it. know what you want, confess what you deserve honestly to yourself, and be willing to wait for it. You can have the control, only over your thoughts, words, and actions, not over someone’s reaction to it.

Live without pretending, Love without depending, Listen without defending, Speak without offending

Always learn the ways to express yourself better, always learn from yours and other’s mistakes, and become better than your past self. Never strive for perfection, it will be going to waste your time, strive to make yourself better, it will be going to utilize your time.

Poetry is one of the best ways to express yourself better with just a few words. Help yourself with following short love poems for her in Hindi:

– Love Poems In Hindi For The One You Love –

love poetry in hindi

Kami To Kuch Na Thi…

Tere Aane Se Pehle

Tere Aane Ke Baad

Teri Kami Khalti Hei…

love shayari in hindi two lines

Galti… Meri Nahi Hei

Shuruaat Usne Ki Thi

To Ab, Uski Bhi Kaise Doon

Jab Khatm Bhi… Vo Karde

love shayari in hindi two lines

Meri Khamoshiyaan Kehti Hein

Teri Maujoodgi Kaafi Hei…

love shayari in hindi images

Tere Bina… Bita Har Ek Pal, Kuch Yun Besabr Bana Jaata Hei

Mere Sabdo Ko Sambhalne Ka Mauka Tak Nahi Milta

Ki Teri Maujoodgi Mein Lad-Khada Ker…

Mera Har Ek Jazbaat, Zuban Par Aata Hei

love shayari in hindi two lines

Kal Hi Tumse Baat Hui Thi Par…

Aaj Mujhe Arsha Sa Lgta Hei

love shayari in hindi lyrics

Tumse Meri Ab Baat Nahi Hoti

Din Din Nahi Hote, Raat Raat Nahi Hoti

Yun To Haste-Muskuraate Hein Ham Pehle Jaise

Par In Mein Ab Vo Raahat Ki Baat Nahi Hoti

love shayari in hindi lyrics

Kuch Is Kadar Diya Usne Javab

Mere Savalo Ka

Ki Ab Baitha Hoon Samajhne Mein Matlab

Khud Mere Savalo Ka

love shayari in hindi two lines

Phool To Or Bhi Dikhte Hein, Is Baag Mein


Par Teri Khusboo Mujhe Bhatakne Nahi Deti

love shayari in hindi lyrics

Baat Paani Ki Nahi, Baat Pyaas Ki Hei

Baat Jism Ki Nahi, Jazbaat Ki Hei

Yun To Chain Se Guzarte Hein Din Mere, Magar

Baat Din Ki Nahi, Baat Raat Ki Hei

love shayari in hindi two lines

Shikayato Ki Lehar Si Uthti Hei


Kinare Par Aakar Simat Jaati Hei

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