Remarkable Poetry About God In Hindi

The poetry on god in Hindi here expresses the gratitude and apologetic realization of one’s unknowingly done unjust acts. One who does not know what he is, cannot sense who god is.

The day you will realize that your identity is a bold illusion and is temporary. You will have, the dare to abandon it, and the perspective to see the true identity of that leading consciousness commonly called “God”

And as you start to earn the wisdom, and perspective to see yourself impartially beyond the illusions, your life and the world around it, starts to become more magical.

The more real you get, the more unreal the world gets.

Our and God relations are noticeably similar to of a child and their Guardian. Child acts according to their limited intelligence (awareness) and sees through their restricted perspective. But no matter what the child does, their guardian never abandons them, They keep guiding the child.

The only obstacle here is our “attitude” and the only way to resolve it, is through our “gratitude”.

Who kneels before god can stand before anyone.

And if you can change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, this is the power of perspective.

  • A Mess can be turned into a Message
  • A Test can be turned into a Testimony
  • A Trial can be turned into a Triumph
  • A Victim can be turned into a Victory

Following poetry on god in Hindi here tries to indicate this relation:

———- Silent Confession (Vol. 3) ———-

poetry on god in hindi

Kamaal Ka Shakhs Hei, Vo Hei Koi Ek…

Maujoodgi Ka Apni Koi Saboot Nahi Deta

Par Dila Ker Ahsaas Bharosa Jeet-ta Zarur Hei

Kya Nahi Kaha Aur Kehta Mei Use

Keh Tak Nahi Pata Jo Mei Vo Bhi Sunta Zarur Hei

poetry on god in hindi

Bahut Kuch Manga, Usse Nadani Mei Maine

Mang Tak Nahi Pata Jo Mei Vo Bhi Deta Zarur Hei

Bikharne Ko Baithi Hei Roj Meri Ye Zindagi

Khamosi Se Har Roj Use Bhi Vo Savarta Zarur Hei

poetry on god in hindi

Badle Mei Main Use Kuch De Nahi Sakta

Phir Bhi Meri Har Khwahis Ko Vo Palta Zarur Hei

Main Hoon Hi Nahi Uski Is Neki Ke Layak

Anjane Mei Dukhaya Hei Dil Uska Bahut

Galtiyo Ki Apni Ek Maafi Hi Nahi Maangi

Par Sukraguzar Hoon Mei Uska Vo Ye Jaanta Zarur Hei

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