how to overcome negative thoughts

How To Overcome Negative Thoughts

You don’t need to take a poison pill to kill yourself, negative thought works like a poison that you have takes on like a regular basis and one-day it ruins your life completely. You will not be a single person whose life would be ruined. 

The person who is in contact with you, such as family and friends, will also be affected by your negative thoughts.

Life is yours and choice is yours. This all depends on you how you will live life. What will be things that you accept in your life and what will not be things that you don’t accept?

If you have decided to make your life better then begin to understand yourself first. Start to understand every aspect of your mind such as how to overcome negative thoughts and how our mind works etc.

What is a negative thought?

Our negative thought is connected with the past and future, Whenever a situation comes such as you have seen something or something happened with you, by which your mind will trigger your negative emotion (disgust, shy, Fear, Sadness, Rage) and then our whole body is influenced by it.

Below we will understand the process of how negative thoughts come in mind.

Why negative thoughts come in mind?

Our Mind has three perspectives: Positive, Negative, and Neutral. According to the National Science Foundation, an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts.

Here you can see data of our thought, There is a little bit the role of positive thought. We are surrounded by negative and repetitive thoughts

A negative thought is so powerful than positive thought because negative thinking is directly connected with two greatest emotions. First is fear and the second one is sex desire.

Here are so many circumstances which accommodate to come negative thought in mind

Causes Of Negative Thinking

  •  The atmosphere where you live.

First, Our living environment decides what kind of personality we will have. Will it be positive or negative? This is the initial stage of a child is crucial for a child because when the child was just 1 year then his mind learns how this world would be for him.

  • People and Friend

We have the choice of what kind of people and friends will come into our life. Selecting people and friends depends on the knowledge and understanding that we got from our childhood.

If you have selected negative people unwittingly in your life then they will directly affect you. Their negative thoughts would be part of your thought.

Let us understand with an example when you are in a cheerful mood and one of your friends comes and he shares his negative experience (like his girlfriend left him, death of his father, job, and career tension )  with you. Now your positive feelings convert into negative feelings because of your friend’s negative thoughts.

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Fear of Failing and Win
  • The word “I”

“Think Yourself On these topics”

How to overcome negative thoughts?

Before we move forward on how to overcome negative thoughts, First we have to understand the process of how our mind creates negative thoughts.

You can see the above diagram of how our cycle of negative thought works.

First, Our Mind interacts with material or internal thought which is connected with our past and our future experience. At the same time our mind connected it with the related emotion (Fear, Disgust, Sadness, Rage, Loneliness, Melancholy, Annoyance, etc.). 

Here are emotions play a very cruel rule. It starting to unlock to all related experiences or moments which are accidentally or deliberately done via you. 

For example: If you see your grandfather’s photo which had been dead.  After seeing that image you will feel sad that it is the emotion that has been triggered.

Now with the help of your subconscious mind, it starts opening the same type of experience or moment like your grandmother’s death, you assaulted by someone, the bad work which you worked forcibly, death of your favorite actor or actress or and any great personality.

Whether it is a positive or negative emotion both affect our body physiologically as well as psychologically. When we are sad because of negative thought or negative emotion then the level of serotonin in our body is reduced.

Consequently reducing the level of serotonin enhances depression and anxiety. The cycle will be complete when it would affect the body negatively. So it starts with small thought or moment and it ends with woes. 

  Dr. Bruce Lipton, an expert of cell biology said in his seminar that we can control our biology and cells through the power of our thoughts and beliefs.

Understanding every aspect of mind would be the first key to control your negative thought. Our mind is similar to your car’s driver. 

A driver is your mind and you are the owner of the car. Now it’s up to you if your driver is in your control then where you would like to go He will take you. But if your mind is not under your control then he will move you where your mind wants.

Medication For Negative Thoughts

Above we have discussed how we can understand our negative thought pattern theoretically. 

Here we’ll talk about some practical tips and tricks by which you can control the mind from negative thoughts and be free from anxiety. So follow these exercises to stop negative thinking.

Practice focusing on singular elements.

The major cause of coming of negative thoughts in mind is that our mind is filled with irrelevant things like negative people, unresolved problems, and last but least, overthinking. Once we give a definite direction to the mind then these problems resolve slowly. 

 So You just have to focus on one object like you watch your favorite movie. When you will focus on it then in your mind plenty of irrelevant or relevant thoughts will come but you just have to focus. Focusing on an object is a practice. So practice it consistently.


It is scientifically proven that meditation overcomes negative thoughts. Meditation acts like a chlorine chemical which filters the water and makes it drinkable for the human.

Once our mind is free from all negative emotions then we will also from negative thinking. This will not only resolve your thoughts rather than it will resolve all your problems Rather Than our relationship to spiritual understanding.

negative thinking meditation

Meditation means removing all your prejudices, putting all your conclusions aside, seeing without any hindrance, seeing without any curtains, seeing clearly without any mediation of any thought, seeing without Buddha standing between you and reality, or Krishna, or Christ, Rajneesh said 

Yoga And Exercise

We can busy ourselves via two things one is that performing unnecessary tasks and the second one is yoga and exercise. Having busy with the right things is good for the control mind from negative thoughts or thinking.

There is some yoga which you should do regularly.

Sun Salutations

Camel Pose


Prayanam is considered as a mentor of all the yoga and exercise. ‘Pranayama’ is mentioned in chapter 4, verse 29 of the Bhagavad- Gita. Now you can contemplate how this yoga is powerful for you.

A positive Environment

Edmond Mbiaka said: “If your environment isn’t bringing out the best in you, then it’s time to reposition yourself in a circle of ambitious enlightening minds.”

If your living environment is positive then You don’t need to do things which we discussed above to overcome negative thoughts. A positive environment makes you an empathic person and an empathic person will never let come to a negative thought in mind.

conclusion:There is two-level to control the control negative thought one is understanding and another one is practice. Just understanding the mind we cannot conquer on a negative thought. We would have to practice it at any cost. So in this post, we did focus on understanding and some tricks and tips to practice. The combination of practice and understanding resolve the all type of dilemma

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