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5 Effectives Ways To Improve Your Observation Skills

Everybody wants to be smart in this era like a movie’s hero or Real-life character (Gautama Buddha, Vishnu Gupta, Noam Chomsky, etc. ) but they forget the character backstory. How the character got his intelligence and smartness. They neglect all that aspect and After motivating from them, They try to make himself akin them. But here all the people do a big mistake.

They just start to learn without observing them and Afterall they work hard to acquire that kind of knowledge, Think for a second god gives us mind so why don’t we use our smartness instead of hard work. Here you will learn how your observation skill would make you one step ahead from your competitor or your colleagues and friends.

“The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself.”

What is observation?

With the help of our senses (eyes, ear, nose, mouth, and touch ) Whatever object surrounds us, we look at it with an intention by which we can gather some information and learn from it that is called observation. Let us understand with the help of an example.

Assuming you are looking at a bicycle outside of your house you look at its wheel and the black rubber which is connected with the steel wheel, and some dust on its black tire and that dust brown in color. So these are some information which you gathered from the bicycle’s tire.

Observation is not only looking at a big object, It should also be small to learn and acquire information.

Look at an object like a teacher which is going to teach you so whenever you are going to observe something considered that you are an observer and the object which you are looking for is observant(teacher). So observe and learn from it.

Effective Ways to enhance your observation skills

#1. Rewatch your favorite movie.

Here is the most solid way to improve your observation skills. Did You remember your favorite movie which you have seen recently? Now the time has come to rewatch movies not just for entertainment even to boost up your observation skills.

Why am I going to advise you to rewatch your favorite movie? The answer is clear, 

Once you start watching a movie now look at a character deeply which you haven’t seen before.

 For example, how he speaks, his facial expression when he smiles, what kind of dress he wore, what he wore in the left hand and right hand, is his left hand empty or filled with something. 

When you will observe these things you will realize what are the things I missed while watching the movie for the first time.

This is not only necessary to watch your favorite movie, but it can also be a boring web series or childhood cartoons. Observing something has no limit, You can learn from everywhere or anything. Just You will have to go in-depth to learn and improve observation skills.

#2. Be aware of your surrounding Environment

If You have decided to level up your observation skill then you have to give time to yourself. Give up your social media engagement for a while and come outside of your house and start noticing what is happening outside.

For Example, Go to a shop and look at things there with shape, size, and color everything’s which you can see. What are texts written on the object? Like snacks packet whose brand is Bingo or crax snacks.

observation quotes images

Observe in the garden how they are playing cricket and football.

So these are the aspects which you are gonna observe there and learn something unique as well as it will help to understand human behavior when you observe it. Because observing your relationship partner is one of the keys to locking your relationship forever. We will discuss it later.

The biggest reason for our life’s dilemma is that we never try to observe our problem deeply and So, they come repeatedly

#3. Games to Boost Observation Skills

There are several techniques available on the techniques to increase observation skills. Playing some specific games which directly influence your observation.


 This game sharpens your child’s power of observation, helping her pinpoint those shapes and sizes in objects. It will also help to understand the shape and size of geometry with insight information.


One player calls out: Semi Truck

The other players might say:

A large rectangle turned on its side makes up the trailer part.

The wheels are circles.

There’s a square window.

A pipe coming out the back looks like a cylinder.

I see a triangle in the letter A on the sign on the side.

The cab is like a rectangle and a square put together.


#4. Engage with Your Senses

To acquire an observation skill is not only externally observed even if it should be internally. 

Your emotion or feeling like Joy, Excitement, Surprise, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Contempt, Fear, shame, guilt these also play a very important role in improving observation skills.

Let’s understand with a simple example – When you feel fear then our body releases a specific hormone called adrenaline. It suppresses the immune system(which our defense mechanism to fight with foreigners attach to the body) and finally, we get ill. 

This actually happens when you are healthy but due to surrounding fear, it also impacts you. So it start from the fear and end with the disease. 

 So the point is to understand if you look and understand your fear (cause of fear, is it really dangerous, is it physically fear or mentally, what is fear) then the chance of overcoming fear would be less than.

Meditation is the best way to observe your feelings or emotions.

#5. Improve the sense of touch

Feel the object by closing your eyes: what is its shape, weight, and size. Ask question yourself 

  • What is the texture of the object? Is it smooth, bumpy, ridged, or soft?
  • Does it feel hot, cold, or neither?
  • What shape is it?
  • Does it open? Is there a button or other moveable part on it?
  • When you shake it, do you feel something rattling inside?
  • Does it make a noise?

This would also help to improve your observation skills very well.


We have the choice to make it a better life and Observation is one of the greatest skills which helps you in every field. If we talk about growing your business, A good Student, etc. Every great scientist discovers something extraordinary because of having good observation power. What Marilyn Vos Savant says about the observation

“To acquire knowledge, one must study;

but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.”


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