How To Overcome Depression And Anxiety

How To Overcome Depression And Anxiety?

Depression and Anxiety reduce the quality of life to the extent that nothing seems to have worth living for, anymore. And it’s not as simple as someone says just don’t think too much, there is no need to worry or fear. Things that seem light and harmless are the ones that cause the most damage. Neither you or anyone should overlook small things, everything affects your quality of life.

So, let’s see how to overcome depression and anxiety effectively with psychological methods.

Depression And Anxiety Psychology

Anxiety and depression start as we start to get detached from reality and get lost in our own subjective thoughts.

As you work, your body gets tired, similarly, your brain also gets tired as you think. And when your mind is tired, nothing seems to gain your interest and you would not be able to do any work and the thoughts don’t stop, so its this loop which is so problematic.

Too much thinking makes you inactive and this makes you think more.

Have you ever noticed, that as soon as you start doing what you should do at a time, these negative thoughts just disappear and you are suddenly positive.

You or anyone can know the answer to this question by just asking it to oneself, but the tough part is to start. So, let’s start the process that how to overcome depression and anxiety in you.

Get Out Of The Walls

overcome depression and anxiety

  • Get Supported

Maintaining a healthy perspective and sustaining the efforts on your own to relieve depression and anxiety can be difficult. Everyone needs help, every now and then, so there is no shame in getting help or in helping others. Things become easier when you have the right support, the support can come from anyone. But the first support you get should come from you. Think it like this:

when even you cannot support yourself, how can you expect it from others”

Family is not made by blood relations, but by peoples, who you love and care and people who love and cares for you, are your family. Get out and spend your time with them as much as you can and for a moment stop thinking and start enjoying the little fights and the lots of love between you and your family & friends.

  • Lend A Hand

You feel even better when you help others, does not matter how big or small your contribution is, you did what you can. Do the things that you expect from someone else, be a listener for other’s problems, volunteer or anything else.

  • Travel

You don’t always need to stay involved with others, you can spend your time with your self but not in your cage, get out in open, in a park or any place with a good green view, sunlight and fresh air. Again stop thinking and just be a watcher, how kids are playing in the park, people doing exercises, etc.

Don’t Give Yourself Time: Keep Going

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  • Do What You Love Or Used To

Ok, Do you like writing like poetry, story or etc? Do you like singing & dancing or love to draw and paint? Whatever it is that you love to do from small to big, start it by doing it for a short time. Pour your experience in it, express your self in words, drawings, dance or etc. And let the emotions drive you to create a masterpiece.

  • Have A Pet

Dog, cat, bird, etc. Who you like and you will see their love and care for you will divert your emotions on the right path.

  • Entertain Yourself

Play games, watch movies or series (funny), listen to music (energetic), use your emotions and do acting, sing a song, dance on the music. Learn new small tricks or things like magic, card throwing, etc.

Health Is The First Wealth

ways to recover from depression and anxiety

  • Proper Nutrition

Eat quality of food and it will make you healthy & energetic instead of making you feel tired and sleepy by providing proper nutrition to your body and mind. Also eat what you like, every now and then.

  • Exercise & Yoga

Yoga and exercises improve blood circulation and oxygen’s amount in your blood and release positive hormones and neurotransmitters that boost your mood. Plus it helps you stay healthy and prevents many physical and mental diseases.

  • Sleep And Rest

Give appropriate rest to your body and mind, without it they will never work the way you want them to work. Lack of sleep and rest makes you irritable and more prone to mental and physical diseases.

Foot On The Ground And Heads Up

The subconscious mind has more power than the conscious mind and it is formed through your habits. It helps you do the day to day task efficiently, even tasks like thinking. So, if you had a bad habit of always seeing only the negative side of the things than now the subconscious mind is helping you do it efficiently.

The path to a healthy and peaceful life is to know the limits (rules) because without following the rules, a game would not work, nothing would work even this world.

You only need negativity like salt in the food just to make you move forward not the opposite. Even a little extra amount can ruin the taste of your life

The purpose of our negative thinking is to help us stay practical and move forward. Words (thoughts) are energy, they affect you, so don’t take them lightly and choose them wisely.

We love ourselves greater than anything but still care too much about other’s opinions and validations.

Pick your side and stand with yourself

You have your weakness as everybody else but you would also have your strengths too. Try to highlight them in your life.

How could someone love you when you can’t love yourself. You should first accept and love your weaknesses than gradually try to remove them to become better than before. The most important thing is to find humor in the journey and enjoy the process. Because there is nothing at the destination waiting for you, it’s all in the path we take, that’s life.

Sense Of Humour

What is the opposite of a sad or crying face, a smiling, and a laughing face. Everything in this world has three sides, positive, truth and funny. There are no negative sides of the things in this world, it just that people don’t allow themself to find the funny thing in those and laugh at it.

I find it funny that how we always keep thinking that we are in control when hormones and neural transmitters (this body) is the one who is driving us.

We cannot control our mind, no one can, we only can divert the flow to the path we want

Improve your sense of humor and you will see, what others don’t. Have you ever seen a person with a great sense of humor suffering from depression and anxiety? They do go through that at some point in time like everyone else but they can handle it. They see the funny side of those times too and enjoy it.

When To Get Professional’s Help?

If you are at the point where you are unable to shift your state of mind yourself (negative) than consider the help of a professional and medications. But removing the roots of depression is important, once you finished eating it’s one of the fruits. The only way to do it is to shift your perspective a little more towards truth, positivity, and humor and always remember.

You can’t live a Positive Life with a Negative Mind


  • How do I overcome anxiety?
  • How can I kill anxiety naturally?
  • Can you cure anxiety without medication?
  • How do I reprogram my anxiety mind?

The same question asked in different ways and their answer is also the same. Yes, you can overcome your anxiety without medication by reprogramming your subconscious mind. The above process also helps to rewire your brain but specifically for anxiety, the help is given in this article How to Remove Fear From Subconscious Mind.

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