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Free Write for Us and Guest Posting Opportunity

We appreciate those people who love content writing and want more exposure to their own content. Guest posting (free write for us) is one of the best techniques by which you can deliver your content to a maximum number of people and create your engagement, trust, social network, relationship with your targeted audience. 

We welcome all creative authors to “submit guest posts” on our website. If you have unique and engagement “free write for us” + education-related  article and you may think that your content should publish then send your articles at infowehavestory@gmail.com   

13 Ways To Find Guest Posting Opportunities Using Google

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  2. “Write For Us” healthy lifestyle
  3. “Write For Us” psychology
  4. “Write For Us” mind
  5. “Write For Us” + Relationship
  6. “Write For Us” intellect
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  8. “Write for us” short stories
  9. “Guest Post” Keywords or Topic
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  11. “guest post” entertainment, short stories
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Topics That We Cover for Guest Post (“write for us”)

  1. Short Story: Here you can share your life experience in the form of a short story. If your story is unique and creative then send us.
  2. Intellect: If you have that kind of content that resolves the human dilemma then we welcome you.
  3. Health: Send your article which particularly focuses on health-related issues.
  4. Healthy lifestyle: How to live a healthy lifestyle, Method, and ways for a better healthy lifestyle.
  5. Psychology: Technique to stop overthinking, depression, be positive, etc.
  6. Mind: Understanding of the mind, thoughts, and Thinking, behaviors, etc.
  7. Relationship: Maintain a relationship with family, friends, and colleagues.
  8. Humor: Compelled to laugh.
  9. Poem: Love, life, wisdom, friends, etc.
  10. Meditation: Help to calm the mind.
  11. Entertainment: Memes, Creative videos, and images, etc.
  12. Education: Skill which you want to share.
  13. Spirituality: Life, Religion, morality.

Guest Post Guidelines

  1. The minimum length of content should be 700 words.
  2. Content provides the value and knowledge to our visitors.
  3. Make your text easy to read, break it into chunks: include headings, subheadings, bold font for key sentences and bulleted lists.
  4. We hate plagiarism, so be careful. No grammar, punctuation mistake
  5. Don’t attach the adult or gambling link with articles.
  6. Once your articles published on our website you cannot publish any other website nor your own.
  7. How guest posting will help your website?

Guest posting is known for the gathered traffic, exposure your articles and backlinks from other website so once you published your article to another website then the owner of the website give a backlink. This is called mutual benefit. Traffic Exposure your article and backlink will help you to improve your website page authority as well as domain authority.

What are benefits When shared Your New content at wehavestory.com

When our author will accept your content then you will get a do-follow link in an article body by which your website domain and page authority will improve.

But Before we give you a do-follow link to your website, first you have to follow our guest post guidelines. After that, You can send your articles and we will publish it as soon as possible.

IF you any related to guest posting then you send us a mail at infowehavestory@gmail.com   

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