We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order To Live

Who We Are

Our Purpose is to Provide Organized & Comprehensive Knowledge of Intellect, Psychology, Social Relationships, and Short Stories to Resolve Life’s Dilemma.

Our Belief is that we learn ourselves, no one can teach anything to anyone, we just simply can share our objective and subjective knowledge, experiences and wisdom to those who demand it.

We should learn from others’ mistakes as each mistake does not give you second chances, and some mistakes put you in embarrassing & awkward situations and may leave a scar on your life. Times like these are hard to forget for both you and the others who witnessed it.

We Have Story

A story tells a process, whose purpose we realize at the end. Everything tells a story, science tells the stories of energy & matter and their relationships or interactions with each other. Society tells the stories of feelings and emotions and so on.


If one is curious enough to seek the truth then he must be courageous enough to contradict one’s own beliefs”

Here we have tried to give the answers objectively for our wandering thoughts about existence, reality, consciousness, insight knowledge, ethics & society, and so on.

These overlooked questions holds so much importance in the way to harmonize one’s heart and mind for a resolved life.




You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”

Here we have tried to give different approaches to resolve our day-to-day struggles with study, work, life, mental health, social relationships, and so on.

To live a satisfied life with no regrets one must utilize their and others mistakes to improve.

(Short Stories)

We all have a STORY to tell, whether we whisper or yell”

Here we have shared different perspectives & experiences through short stories.

Real or Imagined! Stories are a great way to realize the simplest answers of the most complex questions.

Short Stories



There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this

Here we will explore the current ongoing topics, know-how of things, poetry, humor and so on, to keep you entertained and informed.

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